Fix Your Leaking Roof with Roof Coating

roof-coatingWhether it’s preventative maintenance or immediate action to fix a leaking roof, roof coating is key to prolonging the life of your roof. George’s Roofing are experts at keeping homes and businesses dry and cool with professional roof coating, rather than costly repairs.

Why Choose Coated Roofing Services?

Even if you haven’t noticed a leaking roof, it’s a good idea to have roof coating services done roughly every 5 years by a licensed professional. Some of the benefits include:

Waterproofing – With a fluid-applied membrane roof, heavy rain and pooling water stay outside while everything remains dry inside

Heat Reflection – A reflective, light-colored, monolithic roof directs solar energy away from the top of your house or commercial building, leaving the inside cooler

Low Maintenance – Aside from the occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris, roof sealing is  virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money

Energy Efficiency – A cooler roof reduces the stress on your air conditioning equipment, saving you money in both monthly energy expenses and roof and gutter repairs

roof-coatingHelping You Choose the Best Roof Coating System

There are many choices in roof coatings. To ensure you get the right one for your needs, we do our homework, researching and partnering with the leading roof sealing manufacturers. You’ll receive information, detailed photos, and a material and labor warranty to ensure you’re happy (and dry) for years to come.

Partner with the roofer Queens NY and the surrounding area depend on. Contact George’s Roofing today.